Springtown Cycling

There are many good lunch road biking routes close to STST Seagate. During the warmer months as well as the safe autumn and winter months, employees will take advantage and find time during the workday over lunch for a ride.

Please contact any of the following people if you are interested in road biking.

  • John Kennedy Email: john.c.kennedy@seagate.com
  • William McClure Email: william.mcclure@seagate.com
  • Richie Sheerin Email: richie.sheerin@seagate.com

Every Tuesday & Friday leaving Springtown car park at 12 midday. Helmet mandatory and at least one spare tube and cycling tools.
Group pace on all routes will be 17-20mph average, but no one gets left behind. We will add to the routes as we build interest to keep it fresh. Tuesday ride will tend to involve more hills and Friday less.

Route 1
Climbing up over Graines Gap
17 miles
Route 2
Slab to Muff and Back (flat)
17 miles
Route 3
Newton Climbing
18.5 miles