£ for Lb 12 Challenge

£ for lb

Sign Up For £ for lb 12 Week Challenge 2017 -Kicks Off 16 January*

Do you want to improve your health, lose weight safely and sustainably, and help raise money for charity? If so, then this challenge is for you.

The aim is for you to lose between 12 to 24 lbs in 12 weeks. Healthy Journeys health champions will provide you with support, guidance, motivation and weekly weigh-ins. In return, Seagate will match your lbs of weight lost with £s for a local charity (still to be chosen).


To sign up, contact the Health Champion(s) for your shift and they’ll guide you through the challenge:


DAYS: William McClure, Ed Cassidy, Olympia O’Dea, Richie Sheerin
A SHIFT: Davina Wallace, Richard McCarter
B SHIFT: Paul G (Greg) Doherty, Alastair Gregg, Brian Doherty, Joanne Brennan, Jonathan
Jonathan McLaren
C SHIFT: Karl Curran, Michael McAnaney, Graham Hayes, Raymond Harley
D SHIFT: Damian Rhodes


*Note: Although the challenge officially kicks off on Monday 16 January, in light of our shift rotas, start dates across the five groups may vary by several days.



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