Neutral Spine, what is it ?

One of the big questions from Pilates students is “what is neutral spine and why is it important?”

Identifying and moving from neutral spine is a fundamental principal of Pilates. It may take some time before you become confident that you have found it even if you are attending a class regularly.  To read more on the neutral Spine,  use this link to a Googledoc I have pulled together from some of the great information out there.

Lifestyle Effects Posture –Often people spend many hours during their daily activities lifting, bending forward and sitting. Consider your lifestyle, how many times during the day do you compromise your spine when lifting, bending, or sitting at your computer. If you can master maintaining a neutral spine, retaining the three natural curves of the spine as you move from one position to the next you will be closer to protecting your spine from unnecessary stress and strain.


P.S. It was great to see so many attending the Pilates class yesterday, including the men who are starting to grow in number!


See you next week 🙂


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